REVIVE Cleansing Program

This comprehensive 10 day cleansing program will help you cleanse physical and emotional toxins, clarify and focus your mind and refresh your spirit. The REVIVE cleansing program is beneficial for anyone from first-time cleansers to the most experienced and can be repeated anytime you feel out of balance or need a reset with your health habits. 

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October 15th


ENROLL for Oct 15-24th

What You Will Get

The REVIVE Cleansing Program includes clinical-grade supplements, complete dietary menus, self-care detox techniques, and professional facilitation from our experienced staff. You are supported throughout the cleanse with a balance of individualized care and a built-in community of like-minded cleansers to help you through the process and ensure greater levels of success.


Including Complete Body Reset Detox Packs and Temple Biotics - Friendly Bacteria Repopulator

Food Guide

Complete menu including recipes, grocery list, and snack list

Cleansing Resources

Self-care techniques, how to videos, intention setting and assessment worksheets,  tips for detox reactions & more


Individual and Community Support to ensure your success


15-minute consult

To customize your cleanse, you get 15 minutes of one-on-one consultation time with our holistic Registered Dietician, Heidi Ochsner MS, RD


Private Facebook Group

Our private Facebook detox support group is a great place to find community support, ask questions and share your experience throughout the cleanse.  We'll be uploading extra support and tips here, too!


Group Coaching Calls

Zoom video conference calls (4) throughout the cleanse that will review the program, answer questions, discuss the three pillars of detoxification, provide guidance for sustaining results, and plan next steps.  

“I felt so good on this cleanse that I didn't want to stop.  My pain and inflammation was noticeably better and my energy improved significantly.  I just felt better in my body.”
— Lisa Ann, 48 yrs
"Thank you so much for this great program!  It has been quite illuminating to understand how various foods and drinks affect my body. Thank you, and yes I plan to continue!"
—Kristin, 51 yrs
"I can't say enough about Heidi and the rest of the team at Tummy Temple and the Revive Cleansing Program! I used to be proactive about my health and slowly but surely gave in to an unhealthy grab and go lifestyle. This cleanse was the perfect way to get me back on track. It was so organized and everything was included, even a supportive community!"
— Brandell, 46 yrs

REVIVE your life force energy

Don't wait another day to feel your best. Give yourself just 10 days and TOGETHER we will come alive again!

Join today, the next program begins October 15th


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